About the Mask

I'm just a lone translator doing this for no real reason.
My origins begin on Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. Pretty much one of the gateway web novels of the Isekai genre where I'd just caught up with the translations and very much yearned for more. 
What happened next was one night, lots of drinks, and before I knew it, I'd posted a chapter on pastebin and spread it to the world via the chat here
This and that happened, I got to know the translator community and its nasty but lovable denizens.

There was some heat with the previous translator of slime, but that's been since solved.
Anyway, for a while, me, inarisushi, and another person who refused to be named, would translate slime and post it on this wordpress site.
After the planned disbanding, I took a break, sushi went on to keep translating slime, and the other person... who knows.
I read a bunch of other novels, and after catching up to the raw version of Shaman, decided to translate it. 
There was another guy who started doing it, but I took over without issue.
Problem was, I didn't really like wordpress' lack of customizability... so Blogspot!

Oh yeah, about the mask... my name is taken from The Mysterious Lion Mask that appears in Slime at one point. 

So hi. I'm Lion Mask ~gao!