Shaman toc

The Shaman can't become a Hero

Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai

Table of Contents
Volume 1 キターー(゜∀゜)--!

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The Time has come for a New StoryHere!3/5/17
Arc 1: Shiramine Academy Class 2-7
1Shiramine Academy Class 2-7 Attendance RecordHere!1/24/17
2Prologue: Momokawa KoutarouHere!1/23/17
3Chapter 1: Class 2-7Here!1/24/17
4Chapter 2: Vocation "Shaman"Here!1/28/17
5Chapter 3: MonsterHere!1/29/17
6Chapter 4: BetrayalHere!2/2/17
7Chapter 5: Souma YuutoHere!2/3/17
8Chapter 6: Fairy SquareHere!2/5/17
Author's Q&A: Act.1Here!2/5/17
Arc 2: Pig
9Chapter 7: First time SpleunkingHere!2/5/17
10Chapter 8: Encounter part.1Here!2/18/17
11Chapter 9: Encounter part.2Here!2/21/17
12Chapter 10: Futaba Meiko part.1Here!2/22/17
13Chapter 11: Futaba Meiko part.2Here!2/24/17
14Chapter 12: Futaba Meiko part.3Here!2/25/17
15Chapter 13: Shaman and PigHere!3/4/17
16Chapter 14: Hero and SaintHere!3/5/17
Author's Q&A: Act.2Here!3/6/17
Arc 3: Drug
17Chapter 15: Martial ArtHere!3/26/17
18Chapter 16: Let's try Killing part.1Here!3/26/17
19Chapter 17: Let's try Killing part.2Here!3/26/17
20Chapter 18: Let's try Killing part.3Here!3/26/17
21Chapter 19: Live BaitHere!3/26/17
22Chapter 20: Goma TrapHere!3/26/17
23Chapter 21: ManiaHere!3/28/17
24Chapter 22: Courage and MadnessHere!3/29/17
25Chapter 23: Shaman and BerserkerHere!4/1/17
26Chapter 24: Gathering FriendsHere!5/6/17
Author's Q&A: Act.3Here!5/6/17
Arc 4: Two-Headed Hound
27Chapter 25: BloomingHere!5/6/17
28Chapter 26: Goma LootHere!5/6/17
29Chapter 27: Mud DollHere!5/7/17
30Chapter 28: Frog of the LakeHere!5/8/17
31Chapter 29: Transfer CircleHere!5/8/17
32Chapter 30: The Hirano-Nishiyama pairHere!5/8/17
33Chapter 31: SkeletonHere!5/8/17
34Chapter 32: Practice part.1Here!5/9/17
35Chapter 33: Practice part.2Here!5/9/17
36Chapter 34: Everyday Conversations between Highschool BoysHere!5/9/17
37Chapter 35: OrthrusHere!5/9/17
38Chapter 36: SelectionHere!5/9/17
39Chapter 37: Kenzaki Asuna and Takanashi KotoriHere!7/10/17
40Chapter 38: Harem LevelingHere!7/12/17
41Chapter 39: CerberusHere!7/13/17
Author's Q&A: Act.4Here!7/14/17
Arc 5: Worst Harem Party
42Shiramine Academy Class 2-7 Attendance Record 2Here!7/14/17
43Chapter 40: Remnants and LootHere!7/14/17
44Chapter 41: Poison BogHere!7/16/17
45Chapter 42: MandragoraHere!7/17/17
46Chapter 43: Secret HarvestHere!7/18/17
47Chapter 44: Zombie Area CaptureHere!7/19/17
48Chapter 45: Armor Bear part.1Here!7/21/17
49Chapter 46: Armor Bear part.2Here!7/21/17
50Chapter 47: The Souma HaremHere!7/22/17
51Chapter 48: A Shaman’s Gear part.1Here!7/22/17
52Chapter 49: A Shaman’s Gear part.2Here!7/23/17
53Chapter 50: CrackHere!7/25/17
54Chapter 51: Cave of InsectsHere!7/26/17
55Chapter 52: Ant and MantisHere!7/27/17
56Chapter 53: Leader part.1Here!7/28/17
57Chapter 54: Leader part.2Here!7/29/17
58Chapter 55: Kenzaki AsunaHere!8/1/17
59Chapter 56: RevoltHere!8/2/17
Author's Q&A: Arc.5Here!8/6/17
Introducing: The Purgatorium! unedited chapters ~gao!